How To Use Tarot


Tarot is there to help you connect to your higher self. To make tarot the most effective, it’s important to think of your question as you shuffle the cards. Decide in advance how you are going to use the cards.

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For example, decide whether or not you will cut the deck or whether or not you will be reading inverted cards. Just pick a way and be consistent. It’s also more effective to ask questions that are open-ended rather than simple yes or no.
Another example, instead of asking “Will I get this job?”, pose the question like this, “What is the energy of this job for me?”. This will allow you to glean more information about the job so you can decide if it’s even something you want to apply for. I also find it useful to pull a card of the day in the morning to get an idea of what to be on the lookout for during the day ahead. The more you practice, the more you will be comfortable with the cards.