Tarot Readings

Rider Tarot deck

30 Minutes / $250.00

Cynthia’s renowned skill as a Tarot reader is partly natural affinity and partly due to years of rigorous study and training.

Professional Tarot Readings - Discover the Difference!

Sometimes you just need guidance in a specific question or you may have a pressing issue that needs clarification. Maybe you’re getting ready to move or you’re contemplating a job change and you’re wondering if it would be a good fit. Maybe you’re thinking about retiring and need to know about the timing. This is when a Tarot reading can offer great advice for you.

I do readings with multiple decks based on the type of assistance you need. My intuitive gifts can assist you in gaining the clarity you need and my coaching skills can help you make solid choices to move forward. My readings are positive and helpful. My job is to guide you in making better decisions to assist you in your life path. I avoid telling the future as a definite unalterable event, because the future is not set and it is not my place to take away your free will choice. Rather, I help you look at potentials so that you can create your future aligned with your desires and choices. My desire for you is that you take away an empowering action plan to live and move forward in confidence.

Readings are completed worldwide by phone, internet or live in Colorado.

“The cards are very insightful and pretty much dead on. I also like the crystal associations and different exercises recommended.”— A.D. 

“I found the cards to be extremely uplifting, life promoting, life validating, emotionally validating. They help to piece together puzzles to get clear guidance through them.”— A.R. 

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