Stories in Your Hands (Autographed)

Discover Your Authentic Destiny Using Palmistry & Tarot

Stories In Your Hands

$17.99 Softcover / $35.95 Hardcover

Cynthia’s latest book, now available in hard and softcover! Why buy it here?
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Discover the Palm-Tarot Profiling System!

Inside each of us are stories – stories about our past, about our unique personality, about the longings of our soul, about our hopes and dreams, about every facet of our lives. What are your stories, that are uniquely true to you? What stories would you still like to tell?

These stories are written in your hands. The shape and lines in your palms, thumbs and fingers hold the authentic story that is you. Your hands are directly linked to the neural pathways of your brain, your heart and your innermost authentic self. The lines in your hands evolve over your lifetime and accurately reflect your world and how you interact with it.

Palmistry, the study of the hands, is at least 5,000 years old, and has been practiced across multiple cultures around the world to determine one’s personality, life purpose and possible future. Palmistry also reflects the personality archetypes of the tarot, another ancient school of wisdom that uses cards to teach you about your life and psychology. Palmistry and tarot can be used together to discover specific themes you are working to master and demonstrate. For example, are you a Magician, an Emperor, or the World? Your hands and the tarot hold the answer to these questions. This in turn helps you to be more joyful and fulfilled, by connecting to your authentic self, your true purpose and your full potential.

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