Practical Palmistry Courses

Classes, Training and Certification in both Palm Reading and Tarot
palm print - palmistry courses Whether you are a seasoned pro or just wondering if reading is for you, we have something to help eveyone learn more about the fascinating world of Palm Reading and Tarot
Are you interested in becoming a professional palm and tarot reader? Please enjoy this complimentary video and then sign up for my free introduction!

Introduction To Palm Reading Video

This free video introduces you to the fun, and facinating, world of Palm Reading.

FREE - 4 Video Series

4-Video Series: How to Become a Great Palm and Tarot Reader.


Certification Discovery Session  -  $97

Not sure if further certification is for you? Are you worried about the cost, the time of study, the level of professionalism? This Discovery Session was designed to alleviate all your concerns and help you gain confidence in your pathway! You will be able to ask any questions in this session and get answers to all your concerns to determine if full certification is right for you. The cost of this session will be deducted to your Level 1 Certification Course when you sign up for further training.


Level I Course  -  $497

This is a 2 week training course giving you an overview or big picture of palmistry and tarot. Learn to navigate the different areas of the hand and begin to learn the language of the hands. Learn about how to read for others with integrity and professionalism. Learn about tarot and its history and an overview of the cards so you can begin right away. This course includes a 30 minute private reading of your own hands.


Level II Course  - $4997

Level 2 Course takes 42 weeks to complete and consists of three parts. Part 1 goes into detail of the entire library of the hand including fingers, fingerprints, fingernails, phalanges, major and minor lines. Part 2 covers the entire Major Arcana cards, which correspond to hand shapes and personality archetypes. These shapes form on the hands by the time a person is six years old and it affects them the rest of their lives. Learn how these archetypes affect people, how imbalances show up and how they relate to work and relationships. Part 3 covers the entire Minor Arcana cards in detail, both upright and inverted and how they relate back to palmistry.<


Level III Course  -  $4997

Level 3 Course gives you all the confidence and practice you need to master the information from Level 2. You will learn how to set up your business. Practice with actual hand prints. Learn how to give different types of readings. Learn to develop your own intuitive abilities. Learn about how to coach more effectively in all types of situations including how to give relationship, health and career advice. Learn how to set up spreads and coaching programs for all of your clients. This level takes 20 weeks to complete. By the end of this level, you will be able to confidently give professional readings and coaching to anyone.


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