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Palmistry Inspiration Cards

Learning palmistry has never been easier! This 54-Card Deck includes magnifier and guidebook. Real hand prints on every card, color-coded for ease of use. Give accurate oracle readings to friends, family and yourself while learning more about the science of palm reading!

US Orders: $22.95   Int'l Orders: $22.95

Extended Guidebook for Palmistry Inspiration Cards

The perfect complement to the Palmistry Inspiration Cards or a great tool to learn palmistry. This guidebook covers all you need to know to read hands like a pro.

US Orders: $12.95   Int'l Orders: $12.95

Palmistry Inspiration Cards & Extended Guidebook Set

Save when you buy the card deck and Extended Guidebook together!

US Orders: $33.00   Int'l Orders: $33.00

LifePrints Report

Your unique fingerprints form five months before you are born and never change. These represent your soul imprint including your Life Purpose and opportunity for growth in this lifetime. Knowing this can help you make better decisions and be more fulfilled. A 15-20 page written report is compiled from analysis of your unique fingerprints and e-mailed to you. This product requires you to submit your fingerprints through digital photos before your report can be compiled.

US & Int'l: $49.99

Birth Chart Astrology Report

Astrology is closely related to palmistry in that it is another way for you to understand yourself better. This is a comprehensive analysis in an 18 – 22 page report and includes:

  • The 12 Houses
  • Chart Points including sun and moon details
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Balance of Elements
  • Balance of Modes
  • Balance of Houses
  • Balance of Quadrants
  • Balance of Rays
  • Lunar Phase Summary

This product requires you to submit your birth data including your birth date, location and time and the report will be e-mailed to you .

US & Int'l: $39.00

Transits to Natal Interpretations Report

Get a heads-up on the year! This transit report helps you to understand planetary influences in a one-year time frame relative to your birth chart. These interpretations have been written to apply to transits to a geocentric tropical natal chart using a quadrant-based house system. This 8 – 10 page report requires you to submit your birth data including your birth date, location and time and your current living location. Report will be e-mailed to you.

US & Int'l: $39.00

U.S. Metaphysical Store Directory

Wouldn't it be great if you had all the names, phone numbers and addresses of all the metaphysical stores in the United States? If you have a metaphysical product to sell, this list is invaluable in reaching out to the right people. This list was updated in May 2018 and consists of over 700 stores including the name, state, physical address, phone number and e-mail address (when applicable). To compile this list yourself would take hundreds of hours, get it here in an Excel file and be ready to go.

US & Int'l: $397.00

United States Library Directory

This directory consists of over 4,000 libraries and includes the name of the library, phone number and time of opening for the entire United States. This is an invaluable directory for anyone who has a book to sell and wants to notify the library system. Libraries buy books from authors, they just need to know about you. Get this directory and save yourself hundreds of hours of research. List was updated in May 2018.

US & Int'l: $397.00