Palmistry World Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.


“Cynthia’s hand analysis was amazing! I never knew how much information my hands held for me. After having my hands looked at I changed a couple habits in my life. I feel more at home in my life and more confident in myself. She is so full of life and just being her bubbly smiling self, she helped jump start a change in my life. I highly recommend having your hands looked at by Cynthia. You’ll be fascinated and leave feeling full of life! Amazing!”
“The hand analysis that Cynthia did for me was incredible! Cynthia’s ability to give you information on your life lesson, and life purpose was amazing, and very insightful. The whole reading was right on! No matter where you are, on your life’s journey, a hand analysis from Cynthia can be of great benefit. And it’s fun too!”

– Dalynn Rohatsch


"...transformed my life."

“Cynthia has been my “practitioner” for almost a year now. I love her pure joy and access to wisdom that has transformed my life. I have had 2 hand analysis sessions done 6 months apart, it was amazing how “right” on my readings were, insights and affirmations. I have also had Reconnection Therapy with Cynthia. I highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who wants clarity, support or just wants to affirm where they are at in their life, their relationships and especially to self.”

– Ardis Hoffman


"...revealing and affirming..."

“Cynthia’s hand analysis was really revealing and affirming for me. I learned more about my nature and why I’m drawn to certain things. It was affirming to understand why I was drawn to my healing business.” 

– Claire O’Leary


"...sincere caring..."

“I have truly enjoyed our sessions! Cynthia is a pleasant, compassionate woman who shows a sincere caring for her clients.” 

– J.B.


"...strong insight..."

“I have been a client of Cynthia and was pleased with her professionalism, warm presentation and strong insight into areas that are unseen by most. I highly recommend Cynthia.”

– Marti Melville


"...talent and a gift..."

“Thank you so much Cynthia! I really appreciate the reading, you have a talent and a gift. I very much enjoyed the experience and look forward to working with you in the future.”

– O.B.


"...extraordinary gift."

“Both of us enjoyed our sessions very much!!! Extremely accurate. You have such an extraordinary gift. Thanks again!”

– E.H.


"Thank you so much..."

“Thank you so much Cynthia! I look forward to doing more work with you.”  

— C. T.


"...absolutely amazing"

“Cynthia is absolutely amazing. She has an in depth knowledge and unmatched skill in deciphering the hidden meanings of the lines on your hands. She presents the science of the information in a way that is easily understood.”

– C. Scuderi



“Wow, that is such a neat experience! So much different than the palm reading jibberish! Loved it, thank you.”

– Heather


"I am very grateful..."

 “I never knew how much my hands say about myself and how much of it is true. When Cynthia read my fingers and my prints, almost, if not everything, was very accurate, and shocking. I can now utilize this knowledge to help me throughout my life. I will not feel frustrated when I must continuously reclaim my power, because I know that it is my life lesson. I’ve always been confused on what career field I should go into but my hand reading has really helped me narrow my options, and I feel more confident about what I should do. That goes the same with decision making. I know if I’m mostly committed to something, do it! I am very grateful that I got my hands read, because I am aware of all this now.”

— Bryan S.