Palmistry & Tarot Training

Professional Online Courses with Optional Certification
Rider Tarot deck drawing of a palm with palm reading lines

Do you have any of these problems regarding palm or tarot reading?
  • Have you found palm reading to be too complicated?
  • Does the time involved seem like too much?
  • You’re not sure what’s accurate?
  • You struggle being recognized as a professional?
  • You have fear around reading for others, especially for money?


When I started reading palms, I learned from as many books as I could find. It didn’t take me long to realize that in 10 books there could be 10 different interpretations of the same line. I got frustrated and confused by all the conflicting information. I began to test the information person by person to figure out which interpretation made the most sense. I also started to build my intuitive gifts with more and more practice. As I started to piece it together, I systematically cut out information that was inaccurate or inconsistent.

This is not the best way to learn because it takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Save yourself time and frustration by simply learning what’s accurate the first time around. These courses are presented in a way that makes it easy and fun for you to learn. Lessons are broken down week by week into digestible portions so that you can retain the information in a way that makes sense. I am so passionate about teaching you how to read professionally!


Yes, palm reading and tarot reading takes time to learn. It is not something that you can master in a weekend or even a week of study. Think of it like learning a foreign language. However, lessons are divided so you can learn at a manageable pace right on your computer. Plan on spending just one to two hours per week and you’ll be right on track.


With over 10 years of reading experience for thousands of people, I bring a unique perspective to palmistry. My philosophy includes the science of palm reading with the blending of your intuition and tarot. The two go together to weave the story of the person. Did you know that tarot and palmistry are connected? Tarot reading is a great tool and can work seamlessly into your palm reading. This course brings these two modalities together so you can answer client’s questions in the most thorough way possible. My Palm-Tarot profiling system allows you to learn two disciplines that really do belong together. Other training programs only focus on one or other, but client’s questions can be answered more thoroughly and accurately when you bring palm reading and tarot together. With my system, you will be able to assist clients with ANY issues.


It’s not enough just to learn how to read the palms and cards accurately. Becoming a professional reader requires all sorts of business skills as well. You need to know how to set your pricing, how to structure your readings, how to attract new clients, how to keep clients coming back for more, how to deal with taxes and business licenses. Not to mention creating a reading space, a website and promotions. The list goes on and on. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I can assist you with all kinds of business logistics to help you get to the level of professionalism that you would want to be successful. This work is grounded in science and business, yet also brings in intuition and spirituality. All these components need to work together to assist clients in the best way possible and create a thriving practice.


Looking at palms is looking into the soul of your being with all your perfection and flaws. Anyone who is serious about helping others with their challenges must also be willing to work on themselves. Reading professionally opens a vast doorway to personal growth and healing. But without the knowledge and assistance, it can take much longer to achieve the growth you’re searching for. I have over 20 years of experience in a variety of energy healing modalities. I am also a student of consciousness and know how to overcome blocks and fears. When you sign up for my courses, you are not only going to learn the material, you are going to learn how to overcome your own fears and struggles so that you can reach your full potential. As you reach your potential, you will be able to help others in the same way, making a difference in other people’s lives and finding fulfillment in your career at the same time.