Palm Reading - An Introduction

palmistry world Your very own hands light the way to all aspects of your being. They reveal the freedom and empowerment you have been looking for to know yourself so you can live authentically in every area of your life.
Facts about palmistry and hand analysis:

  • Your hands are a reflection of you and all aspects of your life

  • They show you in a tangible and quantifiable way how you think and feel

  • They tell you your Life Purpose, what you’re here to demonstrate to the world

  • Your personality archetypes, which correspond to Tarot’s Major Arcana

  • Your potentials and growth opportunities

  • What’s blocking you and the doorway to freedom and fulfillment

  • Your emotional system and who you are most compatible with

  • Your manifestation system and willpower

  • Your health and chakra system

How Does Palmistry Work?
The study and science of palmistry has been around for thousands of years and has been tested on millions of people worldwide. You can think of your hands as extensions of your brain, the lines in the hand mimic the neural pathways of the brain and change based upon your interaction with your environment and the choices you make over time. But you also have unchangeable aspects, and everything overlays and interacts. You can think of your palms like mirrors to who you are. When you begin reading the hands, you will start to train your eye to notice what sticks out and what is absent. The more you analyze, the more of a story you will put together of the person.

There are Three Branches to Palmistry (also known as Chirology)

Dermatoglyphics: Your finger and palmar prints form five months before birth and never change. This is the road map of your soul, the overview of what you came to experience in this lifetime.
Chirognomy: The study of hand and finger shapes, this forms on your hands by the time you are about six years old, and reveals your deep, subconscious and collective unconscious influences which express through personality archetypes.
Chiromancy: The study of line formations. These are the most changeable aspect to your hands. They reveal all sorts of details about you and how you interact with your world. They show potentials and talents, health issues, your emotional and thinking systems. This branch can be used to make predictions, but nothing is set in stone due to the free will changeability of the lines.
Let's take a deeper look into the three branches of palmistry.



Fingerprints represent the "soul imprint" and give an overview of the soul psychology and soul's major agenda in this lifetime.

Here are the four basic fingerprint types: loop, whorl, tented arch and simple arch. Fingerprints also correspond to the four elements. These elements point to different pathways for the soul to experience. Statistically, the loop is the most common type of fingerprint, occurring in about 70 percent of the total number of fingerprints. The whorl is the second most common, seen about 25 percent of the time. Arches and tented arches are much more rare, especially on certain fingers. The loop corresponds to water, the whorl corresponds to air, the tented arch corresponds to fire and the simple arch corresponds to earth.


Hand Shapes, Fingers & Archetypes

Fingers can be either long or short and the palm can be either square or rectangular. This creates four configurations and the basic hand shapes. Again, these correspond to the four elements. Hand shapes represent our basic personality, our basic nature.

Short Fingers + Rectangular Palm = Fire

Short Fingers + Square Palm = Earth


Long Fingers + Rectangular Palm = Water


Long Fingers + Square Palm = Air




Finger Analysis

Each of the fingers represent a different aspect of our being and (except for the thumb) are named after a Roman God. Here is a summary of the fingers and what they represent. Fingers are compared to each other to determine if they are long or short. They are also analyzed by thickness, bends, flexibility and the phalanges.

The Thumb


Many people think that there is a single “money line” in your hands that will tell you how much you are destined to make. The truth is there are many indicators that tell us about success and manifestation and the first place to look is the thumb. The thumb represents your willpower. The more “thumb” you have, the stronger your willpower will be. It is your area of planning and completion, as well as your ability to see multiple solutions or just one.
Positive traits: ability to start and complete tasks
Negative traits: Pushover, over planning, incompletion, stubborn, too many directions




The hand shapes are further analyzed with what is known as the "strong finger" to determine the personality archetype. An archetype represents a set of personality traits that form by the time you are about six years old. Here is an example of a fire hand combined with a strong Mercury (or little) finger. This combination creates the archetype, the Magician. Understanding these combinations gives you a wealth of information about your deep subconscious influences and impact your purpose and free will choices.

For example, the Magician combination shows a person who is motivated by new tools and ideas, is very clever and passionate. However, he or she likely has trouble finishing things and needs assistance with carrying out all these ideas. Magicians are great at helping others figure out what to do next. This person's soulmate archetype is Temperance, which is a hand with long fingers, square palm (Air) and strong ring finger. The Temperance person can help a Magician figure out what works and what doesn’t and do it in a way that complements his or her energy. The opposite archetype is long fingers, rectangular palm (Water) and strong middle finger, also known as Justice. Knowing this information can assist with career choices, love and other relationships and assist in understanding subconscious tendencies.


Common Lines

Lines are the most complicated part of palmistry, because they are so numerous and the most changeable. There has also been a lot of superstition around the lines, much of which has been proven to be inaccurate or outdated. Lines change on both hands over time and some of the most interesting readings are time-lapse readings. Here are some examples. The following pictures are taken from my own Palmistry Inspiration Cards.


Affection Lines


Traditionally called the “marriage lines”, these minor lines are located under the little finger and run horizontally from the percussion of the hand toward the Mercury mount. Most people have one to three of these lines. Lines closest to the finger represent new relationships while lower lines represent older or completed relationships. A dropping line shows a detachment while a curving upward line shows a communication termination. These relationships do not necessarily correspond to a marriage. There is a wealth of information in the hands about relationships, compatibility, and your emotional system and needs.


Fate Line


The Fate line generally runs from somewhere near the wrist and ends under the Saturn (middle) finger, although not always directly under the finger. It varies tremendously from person to person, sometimes starting in Luna (near the wrist under the little finger) and sometimes connecting with the Life line. It is often broken and doubled.
Positive Aspects relating to the Fate line: goals, responsibility, steady progress, in control, direction, destiny
Negative Aspects relating to the Fate line: no direction, just hanging out, missteps, interruptions, frustration, dissatisfaction


Heart Line


The Heart line is a major line and  represents your emotional flow, both how much you feel and how easily you express yourself. It is located in the upper portion of the palm and runs mainly horizontally from the percussion side of the hand toward the thumb side. Long and curved Heart lines feel and express a lot, short and straight Heart lines feel and express little. This line has a myriad of variations. You can also learn about compatibilities through this line.