Palmistry Certification - Level 3

Palmistry student studying palm reading course materials Once you have mastered and passed Level 2 Certification, you are ready to take your newfound knowledge into practical application. If you truly want to become a master at reading palms and tarot with complete confidence and clarity, then the Level 3 Certification Course is for you! If you plan on making this your career and are fully committed to the time and dedication required set yourself up for success, you will get all the help you need in this level of certification.

Level 3 Certification gives you all the confidence and practice you need to master the information from Level 2. You will learn how to set up your business. Practice with actual hand prints. Learn how to give different types of readings. Learn to develop your own intuitive abilities. Learn about how to coach more effectively in all types of situations including how to give relationship, health and career advice. Learn how to set up spreads and coaching programs for all of your clients. This level takes 20 weeks to complete. By the end of this level, you will be able to confidently give professional readings and coaching to anyone.

Level 3 includes monthly coaching calls to answer your questions and build your reading confidence. This level also includes five private coaching sessions with Cynthia to help you personally in any area of your business. You will also receive a business instruction manual, deck of Palmistry Inspiration Cards and Extended Guidebook and a copy of Stories in Your Hands.

Training Schedule

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Training Schedule:

  • Week 1: Setting Up Your Business
  • Week 2: Developing Your Intuition
  • Week 3: Practice Hands
  • Week 4: Practice Hands
  • Week 5: Practice Hands
  • Week 6: Practice Hands
  • Week 7: Practice Hands
  • Week 8: Practice Hands
  • Week 9: Practice Hands
  • Week 10: Practice Hands
  • Week 11: Setting Up Different Types of Readings
  • Week 12: Relationship Readings
  • Week 13: Career Readings
  • Week 14: Health Readings
  • Week 15: Time-Lapse Readings
  • Week 16: Practicing with Spreads
  • Week 17: Practicing with Spreads
  • Week 18: Coaching Exercises
  • Week 19: Coaching Exercises
  • Week 20: Coaching Exercises
  • Week 21: Level 3 Certification Test, With successful completion you will be Level 3 Certified

LEVEL 3: $4997

Prerequisite: Level 2 or Instructor approval
Super Deal! You may apply the purchase price of Level 1 to Level 3 making it just $4500.


Payment Option 1:
Pay just $393.75 per month for 12 months
  Payment Option 2:
Pay just $303.75 per month for 16 months


BEST Deal!: $7650 (Save 15%)
Includes: Discovery, Levels 1,2 and 3 and all testing and certifications