Palmistry Certification - Level 1

Energy in palm readers hands Your life is in your hands! Palm reading has been around for thousands of years, and with good reason. It is the BEST way to learn about who you are. Your hands are mirrors to your soul, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. They are your roadmap to your life, your guide to your best self.

Quite simply, by being able to read your palm, you can gain confidence in all the major decisions in your life. As a tool for others, it can improve your ability to coach and guide others in ways that other diagnostics cannot do. It brings in a tangible way to show people who they are because it's visible on their own body!

Tarot is the most popular divination tool used worldwide. It is even more popular that palmistry because of its ease of use. Palmistry World blends these two disciplines together because the tarot is reflected through the palms and the palms reflect into tarot. Knowing this connection makes you a better reader.

Level 1 Certification Course is a 2 week training course giving you an overview or big picture of palmistry and tarot. Learn to navigate the different areas of the hand and begin to learn the language of the hands. Learn about how to read for others with integrity and professionalism. Learn about tarot and its history and an overview of the cards so you can begin right away. Start building your skills as a reader in this easy-to-learn format.

Training Schedule

Week 1 – Palmistry Overview, includes 3 videos and a pdf document for you to follow

Week 2 – Tarot Overview, includes 3 videos and a pdf document for you to follow

Week 3 – Certification Test, upon successful completion you will be Level 1 Certified


LEVEL 1: $497

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Includes: Discovery, Levels 1,2 and 3 and all testing and certifications