Palm ReadingTip: 
How To Take Hand Photos

hand photos for palm reading

Many of you may be wondering how I read your hands from a distance. There are actually two ways that I do this and both are quite easy.

The first and simplest way is to take a digital photo of your hand. Most people have very high-tech cameras and even your phone is capable of taking a great shot of your hand.

To prepare your hand for the picture, I recommend putting lotion on it first and rubbing it in. This will help to bring out the quality of the lines so that I can read them more easily. Next, you want to have good lighting or use a flash. Sunlight is the very best, but as you can see in the photo above, indoor is fine too. It’s also good to get the shot of the entire hand, with fingers and thumb in the picture. I carefully analyze palm shape and relative sizes of your fingers, so it’s good to have the shot direct with the fingers open.

It’s important for me to have both of your hands, so take a shot of each one separately. If I’m going to do a health reading for you, I also need to be able to see the fingernails and back side of the hand as well.

What if you don’t have a camera or you’re just not happy with your shots? I also have available special inking kits. I send these out to you directly so that you can ink your hands and send the prints back to me. I can analyze a print just as well as a photo. Once I receive your photos or prints, then I am ready to do your reading. You can select any type of reading you like from my Palm Reading Sessions page.
I look forward to reading your beautiful hands and assisting you in your pathway!

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