Palm Reading Tip: 
Embrace Your Uniqueness

drawing of a palm

If you feel like you just don’t quite fit in with the crowd, more than likely your ring finger, also known as Apollo, will have a special indicator to confirm this.

There is a term with fingers called “waisting”, where the finger does not have the same width throughout the length of the finger. Instead, it has a waist, like someone took a belt and wrapped it around the finger and tightened it up, making it concave, like in the picture. If this occurs in the middle phalange of your Apollo finger, then this indicates that you feel like the black sheep.

Please use this indicator as a way to embrace your uniqueness, rather than be overly critical of yourself about not fitting in. Interestingly enough, this is a common marker in hands, so you’re really not alone.

The next time you feel out of place, stop to appreciate who you are. You are a unique individual because only you have the ability to contribute what you do in the world.

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