Palm Reading Tip: 
Crooked Fingers

crooked fingers To understand this better, it is important to understand what each finger represents and which way the finger is bending. For example, if you have an index finger that bends toward the middle finger, you will know that this has something to do with power because the index finger is also called Jupiter, and it is your power finger.

You can also think of this as the self finger. Jupiter was the king of the gods and was the overseer of everything. When this finger is bending, your power is being affected by the finger that it is bending toward, in this case Saturn. Saturn represents your attitude toward work, responsibility, and authority.

Therefore, a bend in Jupiter toward Saturn is an influence on your view of yourself, or a weakening view of yourself and it is based on the things located in Saturn.

Apollo, your ring finger, represents how you present yourself and your creativity. A common bend in this finger is to lean toward Saturn. This means that your creativity is being stifled by your duties and responsibilities.

Mercury, your little finger, represents communication. This finger bends most commonly toward Apollo. When this happens, it means that you have trust issues and feel the need to filter your communication. At its worst, it can represent a dishonest person, especially if the bend is severe. Less commonly, this finger bends away from Apollo. This is the mark of the "storyteller." This person could be a captivating speaker.

It is also possible to have all the fingers leaning either toward or away from the thumb. The thumb represents your willpower. When all the fingers are leaning toward it, it shows that you are feeling out of control and unable to manifest your desires. When the fingers lean away from the thumb, it shows a subconscious distrust of yourself and your ability to know what you want or being able to achieve what you want.

As you can see, these subtle variations in your fingers can be quite meaningful, revealing a wealth of useful information. Knowing which way your fingers are bending can tell you a lot about what influences you have going on and how they affect you. When you become aware of what your hands are telling you, this is the first step toward moving in the direction of your dreams and higher potential.

Cynthia ClarkHands are a beautiful reflection of what is going on inside of you. Are you ready to step into the life you were born to live? Let Cynthia Clark help you understand yourself as no other type of analysis can do, with palm reading.