Palm Reading Sessions

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Have you wondered what all those lines in your palms are trying to tell you? Are you ready to learn about all the juicy details that are embedded in your hands? Are you ready to step into a more fulfilling life? Is there something you need to have answered right away and need some professional and caring guidance? A palm reading is a fantastic way to get answers to your life questions.


One Hour Consultation: $497

This hour is guided to your highest priority, whether it’s your Life Purpose, relationship issues, a burning question, or perhaps you’re going through a crisis or trauma and need some immediate assistance. Whatever it is, I’m here to assist you with my 20 years of experience. This consultation will include palm reading and Tarot as we need it.

Hand Readings: 1 Hour Consultation / $497.00

Full Palm Reading and Tarot Consultation: $997

(Completed in Three Sessions)

This is for people who want to know “everything” about who they are and are willing to look at it in detail. I will guide you in all the juicy details of your hands and answer all your questions about what your hands have to say to you. I will interpret your fingerprints and Life Purpose, your personality archetypes, your lines and mounts. I will combine this with Tarot to complement your reading and gain even further insights into guiding you forward in your pathway. This is for you if you are truly ready to transform your life and make the changes necessary to live on Purpose and reach your highest potential.

Hand Reading: Full Analysis - $997

Single Payment:
One-time payment of just $997 covers 3 sessions.
  3 Payment Option:
Pay just $332.33 per week for 3 weeks.

Bonuses with the Full Consultation:

#1. Written LifePrints Report, 15—25 page report detailing the information from your fingerprints including your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and School. This is your soul psychology and tells you about what your soul came into this experience for.
#2. Emotional System Summary, notes on your emotional system including who you are compatible with and what you need to be emotionally fulfilled
#3. Archetype Report, summary on your personality archetypes and how they affect you, including how imbalances appear and how it affects your work and relationships
#4. Algorithmic Rejuvenation Healing Session, customized for you and completed remotely, this uses computer technology to communicate directly with your cells to help you get back into greater balance
#5. Meditations to assist you with what is discovered in your hands, these are guided mp3 recordings that you can use anytime, customized from reading your palms
#6. Birth Chart Report, based on astrology, this is a great compliment to your consultation, compiled from your birth date and location
#7. Transit Report, based on astrology, this report applies for a period of one year and discusses your personal influences from the planets

All sessions are done in person (in Colorado), by phone or via Webinar Jeo (internet connection) or Skype and are recorded by request. Cynthia also takes notes during the session and e-mails the notes to you as you request.

Collecting Hand Prints: I need to see your hands in order to analyze them. This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. You may either take digital photos of the hands or have me send out an inking kit. Once you sign up for your session, I will get you started on this part of the process. It’s easy.

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