Life Purpose Focus:  Master of Success


Your fingerprints provide a map to your Life Purpose. I decode this map for you in order to assist you in living a more meaningful life. I thought it would be interesting to focus on one of the possible Purposes: the Master of Success, also known as the Doer.

If you are a Doer, you are naturally good at getting tangible results in the real world. You would make a good entrepreneur, CEO, sales leader, producer, director, or high achiever in any field. The fingerprint that represents this purpose is the right thumb. There is a ranking system with fingerprints and I read the entire set of 10 as a road map.

The first key to becoming successful is to determine what results you actually want to achieve. There is no point in going to medical school if you have no interest in being a doctor. It is then important to create support, don’t think you can do everything yourself. Take note of what is working and what isn’t and drop whatever isn’t working.

Finally, make sure you give yourself some time. Doers are notorious for being impatient. Follow through and enjoy the process.

Why is knowing your Life Purpose important? It helps you understand your soul psychology, or the agenda that your soul has for you in this lifetime. When you understand and follow this agenda with intention and direction, rather than just letting fate or circumstances dictate your life, you can find life fulfillment easier. Life becomes more enjoyable and fun. Who wouldn't want that?

Cynthia Clark

Your fingerprints tell you about your Life Purpose. You can get your own LifePrints Report to learn all about it, it could be the most important thing you ever do.