Life Purpose Focus:  The Healer

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Your fingerprints form five months before your birth, permanently imprinting your soul’s desired pathway to happiness. There is a system of fingerprint identification that guides you in your life. If your high ranking fingerprint is located on your left little finger, your Life Purpose is the Healer.

This means that your greatest fulfillment comes from inspiring others to reach their highest potential. The Healer pathway requires more personal growth and looking inward than the other Life Purposes. Of course, you must be willing to first work on yourself in order to be ready to help others, and this includes learning to trust yourself and trust in your healing journey.

You also need to commit to a career in helping others, whether it is in traditional fields or alternative fields. It could also include counseling or coaching in some way. The actual manifestation of your career also ties in with your personality archetypes and specific talent markers.

Cynthia Clark

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