Life Purpose Focus:  Master of Family

heart and ring of people

Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose, forming five months before you are born. If your highest ranking fingerprint is located on your left thumb, then your Purpose is a “Master of Family.” This means that you are most fulfilled when you are in a nurturing group setting and are making a difference in that group.

Your keys are to find the right “family,” meaning a group that supports you. You also need to nurture yourself and value yourself. Sometimes you will need to let go of abusive families without isolating yourself to the opportunity of finding something better.

Your Life Purpose represents you at your best, it is a state of consciousness rather than a set job or talent. It not only represents your potential for life fulfillment, it is really you arriving at your right life. When you are in your right life, you know it down to your core, unwavering even with ups and downs.

For Family Masters, their consciousness is always group oriented. With this orientation, they need to make sure that they don’t lose connection with the deepest part of themselves. They shouldn’t compromise their core identity at the expense of the group, nor should they look at serving themselves as selfish. It is a fine balance to stay connected with yourself within a group setting.

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