Life Purpose Focus:  The Artist

artist palette

There are many Life Purposes and they happen to be located in your unique fingerprints. You see, your fingerprints form on your fingers five months before birth and remain completely unalterable. This soul imprint designates your Life Purpose. One potential purpose is the "Artist." The Artist is a master of creativity and individuality. These people must be free to express themselves and their uniqueness in order to be happy. This does not mean that they must draw or play music, although these activities are appropriate for an Artist.

The essential ingredient is to find their individuality and show it to the world regardless of criticism or applause. If this is your Purpose and you still don’t know what you’re doing, it’s time to explore your creative genius that wants to escape.

Take a class and have fun experimenting. Don’t expect perfection, either. Remember that all skills take time to develop.

Cynthia ClarkDon’t know your Life Purpose? Allow me to read your fingerprints and we can discover it together, contact me to schedule!