Michael Jackson's Palm Reading

Michael Jackson hand print

I thought a look at Michael Jackson from a hand analysis perspective would be an interesting study, so here is what I found:



Huge! Big thumbs are capable of big things. It’s also set higher up on the hand, meaning he was a specialist in his field. At the base of the thumb near the wrist, there is a distinct angle of timing. MJ clearly loved music with this angle. A curving thumb says that he made decisions based on emotions rather than logic. His thumb spread is quite small. This indicates that he could get overwhelmed if he had too many things on his plate at the same time.


Long middle phalanges. He operated in his practical realm most of the time. The Apollo (ring) finger is very long. He definitely could present himself to the world and perform. The middle Apollo phalange shows his exceptional creativity. The small lower phalange shows that he also had a very private side and needed some time away from everyone. The Apollo finger is also high-set. This indicates a non-negotiable need for appreciation and applause. Mercury (little finger) is sticking out away from all the other fingers. This shows us an eccentric, independent thinker.

Hand Shape - Fire

Enthusiastic, mobile, and dynamic energy. Think of a supernova and you get the idea. Go, go, go, then crashing is common with this hand shape. Relaxation is very difficult. Burnout is much more likely if care is not taken. It also tells us why he brought in his physicality into his music. Fire types like to move and MJ was a terrific dancer.


Long Apollo line. His capacity for success was huge. This is expected on a famous, successful hand. He also had a Star of Apollo. This indicates the spotlight, but also a fear of disapproval. MJ had a double Head line. This is a very unusual formation. This shows a dual personality, usually split between professional and private life. The main line is deeply curving into Luna. This again shows great creativity, but also someone much more prone to depression.

MJ’s Heart line is curving also, toward Jupiter. This shows us a person with lots of emotions and the need to put others first. He would have been extremely disappointed with failed relationships. A romantic idealist.

Some Minor Lines

Mirage Line: this line is tied to creativity, but also the possibility of addictions if not kept in check.

Loyalty Line: MJ had a sense of loyalty.

Mars Line: On MJ, this line looks long and clear. This shows he had a drive to succeed and may have been competitive. Saturn Attack Line: This shows a responsibility challenge. People with this line may be unhappy with their career or being able to balance different responsibilities. It’s impossible to say exactly what MJ was struggling with internally, it may have been more than one thing. Mercury Line: Long, clear, but broken. MJ needed to get his message out, but the path was not always clear.

Mounts:— Big Venus — This shows lots of ability to give love, but beware of overindulgences or addictions. Jupiter shows ambition. This also ties in with the long Mars line and the middle Jupiter phalange.

Fingernails: — A mess! They look like nails belonging to a 90 year old. This indicates a plethora of major health problems. The healthier the nails, the better news for your overall health. Health issues often show up in the fingernails before you see symptoms elsewhere.

What about the glove? He wore it on his right hand only. Was he hiding part of himself or just trying to keep a portion of himself private while on stage? Or maybe it was just part of his creative expression.

Cynthia Clark

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