Albert Einstein's Palm Reading

Albert Einstein palm print

The following palmistry reading of Albert Einstein is from Richard Unger, founder and director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is used by permission.



Whorl, Whorl, Loop, Whorl, Loop

Whorl, Whorl, Whorl, Whorl, Loop


Life Purpose

Big Shot, Service in the Spotlight, Famous Mentor to Big Shots

Life Lesson

EF Hutton (Nobody Listens to Me)


Believe in the value of what you have to say and find your True Service.

Exalted Possibility

Get paid for speaking and change the world.

The EF Hutton Challenge can take a number of different configurations but in each case the challenge is the same: learning to value your communications. The title for this Life Lesson comes from the EF Hutton commercials that have been running on TV for decades. The scene is a busy upscale restaurant, two upscale persons are talking. “Well that’s what my broker says. What does your broker say?” The other well dressed patron responds, “Well, my broker is EF Hutton and EF Hutton says…” Before the sentence can get a word further the entire restaurant is suddenly silent, every patron leaning forward with cupped ears to hear the sage advice of the most respected brokerage firm in the whole wide world (at least that is the message being conveyed). A voice over breaks the pregnant silence: “When EF Hutton talks, everyone listens.” In the more recent versions of the commercial, even the cook in his tall white hat and apron comes out of the kitchen to hear EF’s advice. Wow. Mr. Hutton must really have something special to say.

With these fingerprints, however, believing in the value of your communications is the Life Lesson and therefore an area that warrants extra remedial attention. In its most extreme form, owners of the EF Life Lesson are routinely ignored, first by their original family, then by their friends and teachers and eventually by their spouse and children. The pattern is reinforced to such a degree it becomes next to impossible for the owner of these fingerprints to believe in anything that emanates from inside themselves. In less difficult cases, EF’ers are challenged to believe in the tangible value of their communications. Between and around these two examples are a myriad of other possibilities, including the Exalted Possibility that Albert Einstein was able to achieve.

Not that Albert became the fuzzy haired endearing world spokesperson without a couple of battles with his Life Lesson. As you may or may not know, Albert didn’t learn to speak until the age of three, was not particularly well regarded by his teachers in high school, and although the Special and General Theories of Relativity are perhaps the biggest leap forward in science since Newton, he never did receive the Nobel Prize for either. By the end of his career, most of his colleagues no longer took him seriously. Yet he continued to speak out in public for the causes he held most dear and his enduring legacy owes a sizeable percentage to his Valued Public Communications — Double Mercury plus Right Saturn transformed from Nemesis to Ally.

Albert’s hand has several interesting features worthy of note. He is a Mercurian, that is for sure, his dominant Mercury finger rising almost a third of an inch above the line that separates the middle from the upper sections of Apollo. Only a small percentage of the population have Mercury fingers this long and for these super curious, super clever folk we have a nickname at the IIHA: The Code Breaker. Sherlock Holmes would have belonged to the Code Breaker Clan, as would all the others who can connect the dots in ways that look like magic to everyone else. Add in Einstein’s big thumb and you have a very determined man seeking to unlock the toughest of mysteries. His Head Line splits into right brained and left brained branches and this too makes sense given Albert’s history. But note the rounded bottom to the palm and the tips of all the fingers. AE’s hands fit the Conic Archetype quite nicely.

Conic persons are aesthetically motivated. They need all the pictures on the wall straightened, they pick the lint off your shoulder. At their best, they use this heightened sense of symmetry and beauty in their fashion career or as a buyer of Ming Vases for Christie’s. Sensitive to the smallest detail that doesn’t fit, anything even slightly off from perfection irritates the Conic’s antennas and raises an alarm.

How does this align with AE’s life? It is said that he had five suits in his closet, all the same color and cloth, thereby eliminating the need to make a selection each day. That doesn’t sound like a normal member of the Conic Clan. But Albert was first and foremost a Code Breaker. I can just imagine him looking over different formula possibilities on his physicist’s blackboard. No need to check these over here. I don’t care what everybody else thinks. No need to check any formula that isn’t elegant and pretty enough to be pleasing to God’s eye. Now let’s see, what might God do with E and M and C?

The Conic personality is the most Tomato Fear sensitive of any of the different types. It is as if everyone else is staring at them with the same exaggerated magnification they use as they observe the world. Everybody isn’t, but it feels that way. That makes Albert’s Exalted EF Hutton accomplishments even more praiseworthy. As a Conic sub-type, look what he had to overcome.

Cynthia Clark

Knowing your Life Purpose is the one of the most important things you can learn from your hands. Cynthia Clark is an expert palm reader and can assist you in understanding your Life Purpose.