About Palmistry World

Palmistry World, your center for everything related to reading palms!

Energy floating above palms

Palm reading is the road map to ultimate self-discovery. It is the best way to learn about your soul agenda, your personality, your talents and potentials. Every fine detail found in the hands is a reflection of all aspects of your life. Whether you are interested in getting a reading for yourself or someone you love, or whether you are interested in learning how to become a professional reader, this is the place!

Why did we create Palmistry World?

Palm reading can be a confusing and complicated study. It is also one with a lot of misinformation and outdated doom and gloom. Palmistry World is here to guide you into the modern world of understanding how palm reading is actually an incredibly useful diagnostic tool to help you make better decisions in your life and take the fear out of palm reading. Palm reading belongs alongside other well-respected tools of self-understanding and it is time to bring that truth back into the light. We want you to feel comfortable in learning more about the truth and validity of palmistry in a place you can trust.

Who is behind Palmistry World?

Cynthia Clark is the founder of Palmistry World, this is the new home of World of Hands. She began her journey into palmistry over ten years ago and is passionate about sharing it with the world. She also brings together other experts in this field to share and collaborate.

What are the benefits of Palmistry World?

We want you to feel good about learning palmistry. The information in your palms can be such a positive life changing experience! It brings in a tangible aspect to an otherwise intangible field. Metaphysical studies are often thought of as “woo-woo-hocus-pocus” even though the science of palmistry has been around for thousands of years. Something that can withstand the test time must have a purpose. The truth is, your hands reflect all aspects of your identity. The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways of your brain. These lines change over time based on your free will and how you interact with your environment and how you think and feel.

Palmistry is so useful because it guides you and directs you in your personal pathway. It can help you make better decisions in your life purpose, your opportunities for growth, who is your soulmate, and what careers you will find fulfillment in. It helps you understand yourself on such a deep level and knowing this can help you be the person you are designed to be.

At Palmistry World, we are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

What does Palmistry World offer?

Palmistry Certification Courses:

Palmistry World is THE place to learn how to read palms professionally. We offer three levels of certification set to our strict and ethical standards of delivering accurate and useful information so that you can become a professional and confident reader.

Private Readings:

We offer a range of private readings for you to get clarity in your own life and fully understand what your palms are trying to tell you. These readings are available via phone or internet worldwide.

Resources and Products:

We offer lots of free resources for you to learn more and discover this beautiful world. Look around and find what you need. We also offer selected products to assist you in your pathway of learning.